Calf Sales & reports

Tullow mart calf report Friday 24th March 2017



Very large calf sale today for Tullow with 100 calves on offer. Trade remaining steady for those shipping type calves selling from €50 to €85 with the stronger FR pushing up to €160 per head while the continental calves the HE and Angus selling from €150 up to  €270 for the bulls and heifers with the stronger bulls pushing up to €300 for the HE and Angus while the CH and LM and continental types selling from €230 for the heifers up to €350 for the bulls and a very lively trade for those stronger type calves while the Jersey type calves meeting a harder trade than noticed for the last number of weeks.



Calf report Friday 10th March


Very lively calf trade with a noticed demand from exporters for the FR bull types with some prices as follows

The FR calves suitable for export sold from €35 up to €100 with the majority selling from €65 to €90 while stronger FR calves sold up to a tops of €175 with a noticeable increased demand for the HE and Angus types with the heifers selling from €150 up to €270 and bulls selling from €220 up to €305. Continental  bulls LM and CH selling from €370 up to €485 and heifers selling from €320 to €400 with a full clearance


Tullow Mart report Calf sale Friday 3rd March 2017

Very active calf trade today with both farmer and shippers more active around the ring than previous weeks with trade improved especially for those FR calves by €10 to €15 a head with the HE and Angus heifers and bullocks bull calves selling from €175 up to €310 per head with good CH and continental bulls and heifers selling from €250 up to €420 per head. With the FR shipping calves the lighter calves selling today from €60 up to €95 and €100 and a noticeable improvement here while the heavier type FR calves stronger FR selling up to €100 to €150 with some very strong calves pushing up to €200.



Tullow Mart report Calf Sale Friday 24th February 2017.

FR calves sold from €35 to €90 for lighter shipping types. While heavy fleshed FR calves made €95 to €140. Continental calves sold from €250 for LM hfrs up to €420 for LM/BB bull calves. AA hfrs €155 to €260. AA bulls €195 to €305. HE hfrs €160 to €250. HE bulls €205 to €310