Cattle Reports

Tullow mart report Friday 24th March 2017


Very large sale today in Tullow with trade reported as buoyant across the board for all classes .


Beef and forward type bullocks meeting a very lively trade from both factory agents and forward grass men. Prices resembling from €700 up to €980 with the kg for the bullock types. 600kg CH bullocks making €1550 5 red LM bullocks 602kg making €1500 2 CH bullocks 630kg making €1450.


Store bullocks meeting a very lively trade with a lot of farmer custom you could really say the grass men are out in force with the trade resembling from €2 per kg for those Angus and FR types up to €2.60 and €2.70 and over €3 given for the lighter store bullocks. Lighter store bullocks 273kg making €900 385kg making €1110 345kg making €1050 all red LM while heavier store bullocks 500kg making €1400 530kg  making €1420 and a very buoyant trade and a big demand for those types of cattle.


The beef and factory type heifers selling from €700 up to €950 with the kg with a very lively trade for those in spec heifers while the store heifers again meeting a very lively grass trade with prices resembling for the mid 300kg up to the 420kg and 430kg heifers very lively trade. 340kg making €940 395kg making €1000 while we also had 325kg making €900.


The weanling bulls selling from €2.20 up to €2.60 and €2.70 per kg for those continental types for the shipping weanlings pushing up to €3. 6 CH bulls 460kg making €1250 or €2.70 per kg.


Weanling heifers again meeting a good trade from €2.20 to €2.50 per kg. very noticeable demand for those light bulls noting age and weight. Under 300kg and under one year old as and on the 10th April 2017.


Turkey Shipping bulls making a very lively trade today selling from €2.50 up to €2.90 per kg. 245kg making €670. 320kg making €780. Very much in demand 350kg making €940.


Noticeable improvement for the FR cull cows selling from €200 with the kg up to €700 given with the kg for the younger continental type cows. FR cow 610kg making €900 FR cow 735kg making €1180 CH cow 630kg making €1270 Continental cow 780kg making €1500.


Very large calf sale today for Tullow with 100 calves on offer. Trade remaining steady for those shipping type calves selling from €50 to €85 with the stronger FR pushing up to €160 per head while the continental calves the HE and Angus selling from €150 up to  €270 for the bulls and heifers with the stronger bulls pushing up to €300 for the HE and Angus while the CH and LM and continental types selling from €230 for the heifers up to €350 for the bulls and a very lively trade for those stronger type calves while the Jersey type calves meeting a harder trade than noticed for the last number of weeks.


Overall a full clearance in Tullow larger sale with a lot of grass buyers looking for cattle gone home disappointed.


Tullow mart report Friday 10th March 2017.


Another large sale for the day of the year with trade for the store cattle still setting the pace.


The beef and factory type bullocks selling today from €650 with the kg upwards of €940 with 3 CH bks 770kg making €1630 red SI bk 780kg making €1650.


Forward store bks selling from €180 for the FR types up to €2.35 per kg with the majority of the continental bks selling from €2.10 per kg to €2.25per kg.


Lighter store bks meeting a very lively trade. Lots of farmer custom with the majority of those 400kg bks selling from €2.20 to €2.50 per kg with some exceptional prices 410kg making €1270 and 400kg making €1200.


The beef and forward type heifers selling from €800 up to €920 with the kg for those good LM and CH types with the A and HE types selling from €2 per kg. The store heifers meeting a very active farmer trade with a notable demand for those 380kg to 450kg selling from €2.05 to €2.50 per kg with the majority selling from €2.10 to €2.25 per kg


Weanling bulls selling today from €2.20 up to €2.55 per kg with the heifers selling from €2.20 to €2.40 for those weanling type heifers. The exporting bulls and heifers pushing up to €3 per kg.


FR dry cows selling from €150 with the kg upwards and the good continental young cows selling up to a tops of €800 with the kg.


In calf cows sold from €900 to €1300 per head calving April/May.


No cattle or calf sale on St. Patrick Day Friday 17th March 2017


Continental sale in conjunction with cattle sale Friday 24th March and also exporters will be present on this day for continental HE and Angus bulls under 300kg and under 1 year old.