Cattle Reports

Tullow mart report Friday 18th August 2017.


Larger sale today in Tullow with a very lively trade again for the store cattle while the heavier cattle were steady on last week.


Beef and continental bullocks sold today from €750 for the FR upwards of €960 with the kg with a very lively trade.


Plenty of farmer custom for store bullocks with the HE and AA selling from €2 per kg while the good continental bks selling in the region of €2.15 up to €2.40 with some exceptional lots pushing up into the market of €2.65 to €2.70.


Beef and forward heifers very lively trade again with a demand noticed by all butchers selling in the region of €780 up to €920 with the kg with one exceptional CH heifer 780kg making €1740.


Store heifers equally lively trade with plenty of farmer custom. Selling from €2 for the HE and AA upwards of €2.20 to €2.40 for the Continentals with some exceptional red LM 400KG selling up to €2.65 and €2.70.


Weanling bulls very noticed demand especially the bulls classed between 380kg and 440kg selling in the region of €2.40 to €2.65 per kg with the heavier bulls pushing up close from €2.20 to €2.45 per kg but a very noticeable demand for those well muscled LM and Continental bulls.


Weanling heifers selling in the region of €2.20 to €2.45 with the kg while the cull cow trade no great change €100 with the kg for the feeding FR types upwards of €750 with the kg for the heavy continental type cows with a noticed demand for those fit type FR and continental cows very much in demand around the ring. The stand out price of the day was 5 FR BKS 690kg making €1380