Cattle Reports

Tullow mart report Friday 9th June 2017.


Another large sale today in Tullow for the time of the year with trade still remaining steady for all those forward type cattle.


FR bks 651kg 7 in the lot making €1285 €2 per kg with some of the CH and Continental types pushing up to €980 and €1000 with the kg.


Store bks very lively trade with an increase in grass growth suggesting more farmers around the ring meeting a lively trade with the CH and Continental bks selling from €2.20 to €2.75 per kg with some exceptional lots approximately 400kg pushing up close to the €3 with the AA and HE selling from €2 per kg with the FR from €1.80 per kg.


Beef and forward heifers again a very lively trade for the HE and AA selling from €1.95 up to €2.30 for the CH and LM types or up to €950 with the kg.


Store heifers continued to meet a lively trade and a very noticeable demand from the shippers for those LM and CH from mid 2016 born onwards meeting a very lively trade from upwards of €2.40 to €2.70 per kg with the majority of those store heifers selling from €2.20 to €2.50 with the HE and AA from €2.10.


The cows a slight bit easier this week but still meeting an honest trade with the FR cows selling from €100 with the kg with the Continental cows upwards of €750 to €800 with the kg and a lot of dry cows meeting a good demand for the beef types. 1 LM cow 720kg making €1500 730kg making €1510.


Bull weanlings continuing to meet a good steady trade from €2.20 to €2.55 per kg today for the R grade type bulls with the E and U grades pushing up to €3 while the weanling heifers also sold from €2.30 to €2.60 per kg.


We had a special clearance sale of 50 cows with calves at foot and they met a very buoyant trade with a lot of farmer custom around the ring and it showed that these exceptional well presented stock met with a very lively trade. The price of the day being a CH cow with a bull calf at foot making €2500 with a lot of cows pushing in the region of €2200 up to €2400. The 42 cows with calves at foot averaging €2100 per unit with in calf cows selling from €1480 up to €1560. 5 yr old LM bull sold for €3000 and a full clearance was had in this section.



Tullow mart report Friday 2nd June 2017


A very lively trade again today in Tullow with plenty of farmer and factory agents around the ring.


The beef and forward blocks continuing to meet a very lively trade with prices fully maintained on last week with maybe an improvement of €20 to €30 for those forward type cattle. 3 CH bks 620kg making €1580 1 LM bk 635kg making €1650 1 CH 620kg making €1580.


The store bullocks continuing to sell very briskly with a lot of farmer custom in the ring. 2 CH bks 455kg €1165 460kg making €1100 390kg making €1080.  Overall a very lively trade with the majority of HE and AA bks selling from €2.10 upwards to €2.70 a kg for the good CH and LM types with some exceptional bks pushing up close to €3.


Beef and forward heifers again you could say an improvement by €10 to €20 per head with the prices fully maintained on last week. HE and AA types selling from €600 with the kg upwards of €950 with the kg for the good CH and LM type heifers.


Store heifers also continuing to hold the trade with the HE and Angus selling from €2.15 per kg upwards of €2.70 for the tops of the LM and CH with a very noted demand for the 350kg type heifer for the exporting with those good and CH and LM setting up to €2.80 in some instances.


LM and CH bull weanlings selling from €2.30 into €2.65 with some exceptional U grades pushing up and over €3 per kg while the weanling heifers selling from €2.25 to €2.60.


Cull cows holding steady on price with the trade resembling from €1.50 with the kg for the FR up to €700 with the kg for the good in spec CH type cows. 700kg making €1420 500kg FR type cow making €650  600kg FR  making €780.


Just to remind everyone that next week we have a clearance sale of 50 LMX cows with spring born calves at foot. Exceptional cows and calves. Cows back running with the stock bull for sale next Friday 9th June at 2pm sharp.