Weanling Sales

Weanling Show & Sale Tullow mart Friday 16th September 2017


Larger sale than last year for the weanlings with prices fully maintained on last years prices and even a more livelier trade for the quality type bulls.


The E & U grade bulls presented for sale got in excess of €3 per kg for the very fancy ones with the majority of those selling in the region from €275 to €290 while the good farmer LM and CH bull with exceptional R and U grade bulls selling in the region today from €2.40 upwards to €2.70 with the majority from €2.50 to €2.60 per kg with the 380kg to 420kg bulls very much in demand .


Not a big number of the lighter type bulls but the plainer types more Angus type selling from €2.20 to €2.40 per kg but again meeting an active trade from shippers for lighter type bulls.


The lighter shipping bulls 300kg to 330kg again a very lively trade with a lot of active shipper activity selling in the region from €2.30 upwards of €3 per kg.


Prize Winners:
1st Douglas Murray
2nd David Burgess
3rd John McDonnell
1st Edward Butler
2nd Frank Bailey
3rd John OToole
4th John O’Toole
5th Denis Maher
6th James Kavanagh
Best Limousin Bull
John O’Toole



Females – Saturday 23rd September

Entries invited